Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HW 5b "I Blog, Therefore I Am"

In David Kline’s reading titled, “I Blog, Therefore I am”, I found a paragraph that I disagreed with. The quote starts off by saying, “It was a once thriving medium killed by decades of mediocrity, fueled by the insidious tradition of older strips never going away, resulting in an apathetic generation of younger readers who no longer have reason to ever open their newspaper.” What this emphasizes is that they think that the youth rarely ever reads the newspaper. I disagree with this quote because being a teenager myself, I personally read the newspaper. We’re forced to read newspapers considering I am in college they always have newspapers in your dorms and dining halls. Even if you don’t read it, sometimes you need to relate your homework to an article for a certain class. Walking through my campus on a daily basis I always observe someone looking through the ‘morning paper’. I can definitely argue with this quoted statement from Kline’s passage in the “Blog” book and I feel that this is a negative speech.

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